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How to Become a Mechanic – 6 Ways

10 MAY 2012
Career Path : Automotive

In the past, if you wanted to be a mechanic, you simply found someone under whom you could apprentice. Today, things are different. Increasingly, to secure a good job as a mechanic requires general mechanic training from a recognized school. And that’s not all. Depending on your intended area of practice, you may need to bolster your training further with an old-style apprenticeship or possibly even additional, more specialized training, for example, from the manufacturer of a certain make of vehicle.

How to become a mechanic for diesel-powered vehicles

The North American freight transportation industry still depends on diesel-powered vehicles. So do most of our public transportation systems. Our agricultural, construction and mining industries also rely on qualified graduates of mechanic schools to maintain diesel-powered trucks, tractors, etc.

There are different ways to become a diesel mechanic:

  • apprentice
  • take mechanic training
  • take mechanic training with diesel accreditation
  • all of the above

How to become a mechanic for the aviation industry

Mechanics who aspire to service aircraft must seek mechanic training from an accredited institution.

How to become a mechanic for race tracks

The pathway to a job as a motor sports mechanic is less clear. Some schools, particularly in the United States, do offer mechanic training specifically for racing, but many motor sports mechanics simply attend regular programs. Regardless of what kind of training you receive, you will likely have to supplement it with an apprenticeship.

How to become a mechanic for electric cars

As mass-market, all-electric cars gain ground in Canada and the United States… As Quebec institutes public charging stations based on models already in use in California and British Columbia… Prospective students of mechanic schools interested in electric vehicle production and repair should ask what schools are doing to accommodate this new reality. Typically, interested students will need to complement conventional programs with some additional training.

How to become a mechanic for specific makes of cars

Aspiring mechanics who would like to specialize in the repair of a certain make of car should follow regular training, and then supplement with a training program offered by the car manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer courses on such topics as:

  • electrical systems
  • heating, air conditioning and climate control
  • handling systems
  • airbag safety

How to become a mechanic for motorcycles

Just as with cars, it is possible for mechanics to specialize in a specific make or range of motorcycles. Aspiring mechanics can apprentice, take mechanic training and then take courses directly from the manufacturer of their choice.

As you can see, there is more than one pathway to becoming a mechanic, but, increasingly, mechanic schools are a crucial component of training for this career.