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Math Is Important For Healthcare Support Roles

9 AUG 2013
Career Path : Healthcare

It is true, some fields require math far more than others. However, knowing how to perform some essential calculations is always necessary, regardless of the career path you decide to take. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare support roles. These individuals are going to work alongside other professionals, such as doctors and nurses, and while you won’t be directly injecting patients with shots or medication, you still need to have math skills in order to thrive in the field. If not, you might find it difficult to obtain such a position. Thankfully, these mathematical skills are not overly complicated and you’ll never be asked to perform complex calculus algorithms.

Billing Information

Inputting billing information is very important, as it lets not only the patient know how much they need to pay, but also the insurance company. If you input this information incorrectly it can end up causing a very large problem with all parties involved, and when someone is at risk of losing out on hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, it becomes testy and a bit heated at the same time. To avoid any sort of complications and altercations regarding money situations, it is very important to have math skills in order to properly add up information, subtract payments and input the data into a spreadsheet and other computer program.

Medication Charts

You are not going to prescribe the medication, but you need to be able to enter in and add up specific items into a patient’s records. Knowing not only how to enter this information but keep a patient’s charts up to date is all covered in both pharmacy technician courses and nursing unit clerk courses. So no matter if you’d rather work behind the counter with mediation or directly with the nursing staff, you are going to need some very specific math skills and computer skills, all in order to properly input this kind of information. This should make it far easier for you to obtain a job in the healthcare support industry.

Patient Instructions

On occasion you will be required to provide detailed instructions for patients. It is always best if you perform the calculations, as you don’t want a patient to attempt to do this and to get the amount or other information wrong due to a bad calculation. You’ll learn exactly how to do all of this with pharmacy technician courses and with nursing unit clerk courses, all of which are going to help aid you in your quest for a healthcare support position. While you won’t need extensive calculations, possessing basic math skills is very important in this particular kind of field.

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