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Marketing For Your DJ Business

27 SEP 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

Most marketing doesn’t require a hired professional, you can do it yourself. The most important thing you need to succeed is confidence and these tips will help you get yourself out there.

1. Social Media – If you’re a DJ looking to book gigs and get your name out there, you MUST have a Facebook, Twitter and other social media pages. Create a fan page so people who attend events you work can sign up to find out where you’ll be next. If you connect with any large groups or big names in the area, be sure to add those too.

2. Take plenty of photos – Make sure you have a high quality camera or cell phone camera to take photos at the party. Give people a vision of what the parties you work look like.  You can also use photo sharing sites to share them with your fans. Share photos with your clients so they can share them on their personal social media pages.

3. Flyers and business cards – Get printed materials like flyers and business cards that you can pass out at the party and at other social events and retailers. Make sure you place the where people you want as clients will be. For example, leave business cards at a local bridal shop. You can leave flyers at a party supply store and other places where people may need to rent things for a party.

4. Networking – You can’t expand your business alone. Make sure you network with entertainment industry people who can give you a referral. If you are attending or know someone at an event management school, they are the best people to know and help spread the word about you. Go to plenty of events and people will remember who you are and what you do. Also stay in touch with other DJ’s who can provide you with advice that can help you become successful.

5. Play popular music – As a part of your DJ training, you should have learned about playing popular music that people want to hear.  The music you choose will greatly depend on the audience. For example, a group of older corporate executives may ask for top 40 hits and classic Motown music.  A group of younger executives may gravitate towards the newest pop and dance hits. Listening to the radio a lot can help you prepare for these events. Another way to find the best music is simply by asking the client. Ask them about their favorite songs and about the crowd that you will be providing music for. This will also help you go through different style of music and pick the best tunes. In addition to asking about the music, make sure you have a big collection of music. In some cases people will ask for one type of music, but the crowd may have requests for different styles. Most popular DJ’s are ready at a moments notice to change the music.


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