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Male Presence Growing in Office Administration, Personal Support Worker & Paralegal Training

13 DEC 2012
Career Path : Administration

While there is always an ongoing push to get women into non-traditional fields such as engineering or heavy industry, there are also opportunities in the other direction. The so called “pink collar” careers can be done equally well by a man and these three career paths, office administration, personal support worker and paralegal training, are no different.


Office Administration

Though you may have mid-century stereotypes of secretaries and typing pools, office administration includes a wide range of departments in companies, requiring everything from the ability to use the latest business software to error free payroll training. If you were one of the many men out of work with shift away from manufacturing and other male traditional jobs, you’ll also be relieved to know that many training programs take less than a year, and can get you straight into the work force. They can also be a stepping stone to something better, from launching you through an internal climb in a company to giving you the administration skills to run your own business.


Personal Support Worker

A personal support worker (PSW) is the trained caretaker or assistant to persons experiencing health problems or reduced mobility. There is an immense demand for males with this sort of training. Much like how many patients are more comfortable with a nurse of their own gender, especially when it comes to being assisted with personal and intimate functions, but also because PSW involves much of the grunt work and literal heavy lifting in healthcare. With patients potentially weighing upwards of three hundred pounds, you’ll easily become a valued part of the team. PSW courses have a similarly rapid completion time, and a constant demand for employment.



Not everyone wants the heavy debt and stress filled academic commitment of law school. Paralegals assist lawyers with wrangling the immense challenge that is providing legal representation to individual clients and incorporated companies. Though this profession is dominated by women, nothing reserved paralegal training for them, and the generally two year programs are a just as an approved part of provincial law societies as becoming a lawyer. Hours are reasonable and salaries and employment are reliable.


A Final Argument for Men

The workplace and family structure are changing. Men and women alike enjoy relaxation in role expectations, giving families more protection from economic hardship with two potential bread winners, and allowing men to devote more time to parenting their children. In the latter case, fields that have historically mostly employed women have already fought the wars for work-life balance and have more reasonable expectations for occasional employee absences to maintain child care commitments. Meanwhile, there is decreasing stigma for both genders studying outside stereotypical expectations. There has never been a better time to break new ground.



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