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Making a Music Video in Toronto

20 FEB 2013
Career Path : Audio Engineering

Toronto might not seem like the most likely venue for shooting a music video. It’s not as glamorous as the many videos that get shot in the tropics, the major American cities, or among international landmarks, and it doesn’t have the full resources of Hollywood. Nonetheless, Toronto does produce music videos, a source of employment for graduates of an audio engineering college. Sometimes the location is not clear except for to people who know, but sometimes it’s a proud and obvious product.


A music video, as you probably already are aware, is a film visualization that accompanies a song. It may be directly related to the song’s contents, perhaps even displaying the artists performing it, or it may be a completely unrelated artistic production. Their length tends not to be extensive, in keeping with the song, and they are an increasingly popular way to experience music. At the moment there is a bit of a renaissance in music videos, because while they have gotten less common in general television, such that music channels that previously featured mostly music now focus on things like reality television, but the slack has been picked up by online music consumption. This online delivery system also makes it considerably easier to find music videos made outside the closed, big name studios.


Toronto’s international community is one source of locally produced music video. With an enormous quality of immigrants from all corners or the world, it is home to many niche music markets. Influenced by traditional and modern beats, one can occasionally find fusion music videos with foreign language lyrics and some suspiciously colourful money being tossed around or the CN tower jutting up as a backdrop.


Another common source of music videos made in the city are the sort of student project that regularly come out of a film school in Toronto. Students usually produce one or two short films over the course of their education, for the sake of their portfolios and as a practice exercise. As well as an artistic short, music videos are a particularly good way for students to show off their storyboarding, narrative and editing abilities, as well as their camera work.


This is similar to the various people who have music videos made because they are trying to get noticed. It’s good work for fresh audio engineering college grads, because independently made debut films tend to be low budget. Lastly, film makers in Toronto may be doing their work from a national or provincial grant. Many of the Canada Film Board projects are funded as a way to combine Canadian music with Canadian movie making. Together there are lots of reasons why someone would want to make a music video in Toronto.



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