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Making It Happen with Event Management School

12 DEC 2012
Career Path : DJ Training

Event management is the organization of large scale events, such as festivals, tradeshows, conferences and parties, but can extend to large scale wedding planning and other giant sized private ceremonies, promotional launches or even sporting events. The event planner is a master of logistics and booking, with a talent for making the most out of their budget and venue. Often graduates of an event management school must become a jack of all trades, adding handling selecting staff and suppliers, organizing and designing decorations, or even promotional materials to reserving the location, keeping track of expenses and other more traditional aspects of event planning.


Picking a Venue

Every event has to happen in a location. This means researching all the possible locations in an area, and having an intimate understanding for fire codes and liquor laws. You will learn to consider factors as varied as acoustics and handicapped access, depending on the needs of the client, including that it will accommodate all the other features they want and is decorated properly. If you intend to do a lot of musical events like concerts, you might also consider audio training. Thankfully many places that teach event management also have a sound engineer school for some extra classes.


Food and Entertainment

Catering companies, or onsite services cover what guests or event attendees will eat, but you will still be responsible with juggling dietary needs, budget and quality. Similarly people will need something to keep them entertained, and you will need to work to decide with the client if that’s a live band, a full dramatic audio visual show, or an amateur with an MP3 player. Professional level even management makes the latter unlikely, which means you’ll be interviewing performers and finding out what musical or DJ training or past experience they have.


The Paperwork

If you’ve got the place and what’s in it sorted out, you still need to worry about tracking your budget, promotions, if applicable, and keeping up good communication with your client. In this instance your event management school will have needed to turn you into one part marketing guru and one part eagle eyed accountant. Expect to be on the phone all the time and pouring over mile long spread sheets, tracking everything from individual forks to gas prices for your delivery people.


If all this doesn’t feel too much for you, you can make your first organization project getting yourself into a school. While some programs are offered as part of a specialty institute, often vocational colleges teaching skills that also contribute to a fantastic event, such as a cooking school with a focus on catering, will give you a great way to network. Regardless of what you choose, picking where you study will be a first chance to research, interview and budget, so have fun!


Visit Trebas Institute for more information on a sound engineer school.