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Making Guests Cozy: Tips From the Travel and Tourism Industry

31 JAN 2013
Career Path : Hospitality

Whether you’re a graduate of a hotel management school running a vast establishment, looking to start a bed and breakfast, or just want to make your home more inviting to guests and visitors, there are certain little tricks you can do to make your location feel even better than home.



Few, if any, people want to be ignored or treated like they are interchangeable. One of the first things you can do to make guests feel like they belong is to remember their likes and dislikes. In hospitality management it is crucial to train your staff to pay attention to human touches, especially with very important or repeat guests. If you’re running a bed and breakfast or simply hosting, especially if your guests come back time and time again, you can stock their room with books according to their tastes. You can also provide suggested entertainments and supplies.


Making Décor Better Than Home

It will cost extra money, but don’t skimp on guest bedding or fixtures. Even in a bed and breakfast or hotel that sees hundreds of guests, one of the things people pay for in a hotel is the relaxing, luxurious experience. Decorate with restful soft colours and neutral patterns. This is one of the things that hotel management school will focus on, because part of the long term work of a hotel is updating and maintaining the aesthetic of the venue. You can add a few ornaments or pictures to give the space a bit more personality. In the bathroom, stock it with useful toiletries and an emergency mending kit. Lots of towels help give the impression of luxury, and though it may seem like a cliché, the so called decorative guest soaps are always an appreciated touch.


Food (If Any)

Hospitality management also means looking into keeping your guests fed. If you’re not a hotel, you probably won’t be offering an extensive menu of different choices. However even as a small establishment or a private home you can consult with guests regarding their tastes and allergies. Pay attention to dietary restrictions and the area food is prepared in. Someone with severe allergies could be affected by contamination too. You should also take the chance to serve food when it is in season or local delicacies. Not only will this lead to the best tasting offerings, impressing your guests, but this is actually cheaper. One last thing, with guests you particularly want to impress, consider making them a new recipe in their honour. Many things, from melba toast to coronation chicken can be traced back to one special person.


Keep these travel and tourism tips in mind and you’re sure to have guests coming back time and time again!



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