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Making Your Dance Party Rock

20 FEB 2013
Career Path : DJ Training

Holding a dance party that leaves people talking afterwards is the dream goal for both event planners who work in music and club owners alike. Whether you’re an organizer, a venue owner or just someone with a background in DJ training, the secret to a good event is in the details, and a dance party is no different.


The first place to start is where to hold it. An ideal venue will have lots of open space for dancing, a raised area to show off on, and more crucially, excellent acoustics. Do not be the organizer who tries to blast music in a venue with big glass panels. You might even want to consult with a sound engineering school grad on this one, especially if the venue is one you own or manage. On the other hand, plenty of good events have been held in places ranging from yoga studios to barns and warehouses.


Security and Staff
If you serve alcohol, a liquor licence is a must. You also need well trained bartenders and people to manage the doors and coat check. And because of fire regulations, expect to have someone responsible for headcount regarding who comes in and out of your venue. Every commercial building has a max occupancy, and exceeding that will lead to being shut down. For a non-regular, commercial event you can find firms that specialize in temps for everything from waitressing to security guards.


Seeding With the Right People
Humans love other humans who are popular, wealthy or attractive. The reality of many of these events is that the demand to have these people attend exceeds the number of people who qualify. On the other hand these people may be your big spenders. Called VIP for very important person, in the hospitality and entertainment trade, court them with a slightly more exclusive seating details and more attention from your venue staff. Some hosts go one step further and even pay people who attract crowds to attend.


A live band or a DJ is just the start. These days your crowd will expect a light show or even streaming videos to keep them entertained. Sometimes it comes with whatever act you hire, as they may have their own light show. Incidentally beware of insisting on cheap performers. You get what you pay for and the persistent effort to devalue things like DJ training only drives the price of the top acts up further. Musically, your performers need to be adaptive and read the crowd well. You don’t need a team of sound engineering school grads, but make sure they can mix things up according to the fickle mood of the audience, whether that needs soft and mellow or thumping, fast beats.



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