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Making Your Canadian Film Get Noticed

18 SEP 2013
Career Path : Arts and Entertainment

You’re going to film school in Toronto, and planning your first big film. Making movies is what you’ve always wanted to do, but how to get your Canadian film noticed? Even out of one of the best film schools in Canada, your cinematic gem might get over looked.

Create a Website for your film

A dedicated website creates an identity for your film. Used properly it captures the essence of your project. Include the standard technical information about your film, basically, but make it work much harder to get your Canadian film noticed.

Start with the basics:

  1. a trailer and clips
  2. bios/pics for cast and crew
  3. release dates
  4. festival appearances
  5. awards

Fans coming back to your film’s website regularly builds anticipation, awareness, and word of mouth. To get them to do this, include:

  1. contests
  2. merchandise and memorabilia
  3. behind-the-scenes production films
  4. video diaries
  5. screening updates

Production stills posted each week also give cast and crew and future audience reason to visit over and over.

Use social media to promote your film

The massive networking sites like Facebook, My Space, and Twitter are where much of the lives of your potential audience revolve. You need to tap into these online resources to promote your film.

Here’s a couple ways to use social media to get your Canadian film noticed:

  1. Give your Twitter audience instant updates on filming, promoting, screenings, etc. with an ongoing stream of fun and informative Tweets
  2. Upload video journals, trailers, production photos, and links to relevant other websites for your Facebook fans
  3. Promote music and music groups that contribute to the film on My Space

New production stills and “lobby cards”, with links to relevant websites, keep people discussing your film.

Going to the best film school in Toronto, and one of the best film schools in Canada, you have a vast army of social and professional connections you can link up with and through to make your film a huge success.

Go viral to promote your indie film

Besides the obvious tie-in between film and video, sites like YouTube and Vimeo also give you the chance to “go viral” with:

  1. Trailers and clips
  2. Behind-the-scenes documentaries
  3. Video journals
  4. Interviews

A film school in Toronto will be particularly sensitive to cutting edge promotions. Give your future audience a chance to see what kind of film you’re making, creating awareness for the film prior to release. Distribute other work from film school, too, like shorts.

Start early to get your Canadian film noticed

Use the Internet in these ways to build awareness of your project, and heighten anticipation around its release. Stay engaged with your audiences later. Doing it right can turn your little Canadian film into a worldwide hit and make you the student film schools in Canada dream of.

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