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Make a Career Out of Your Love for Tourism

30 MAY 2012
Career Path : Tourism Management


You know you’re a good fit for a career in tourism if you can attest to the fact that all three of these statements are true: you like to constantly travel, you like people, and you like a challenge.

If you managed to check off all three, then you’ve already taken care of the hardest parts of working in tourism. Although almost everyone enjoys traveling, being on the road (or water, or even in the air for that matter!) month after month can be somewhat unsettling for some. To truly enjoy a career in tourism, you must be comfortable with being on the go all the time and at a moment’s notice.

As far as being a people-person goes, this is an absolute must. You don’t need to be in tourism to know that every single person is different from one another, meaning they each have different ideas of what is good and bad, fun and boring, relaxing and uncomfortable, or delicious and inedible. When you work in tourism, you have to keep this concept at the forefront of your mind when you deal with hundreds of people a day in order to be able to offer them a level of empathy and patience that is so vital to the industry as a whole.

Lastly, you have to love the challenge. Every day requires that you be ready to take care of a lot of different sorts of issues, from emergency weather reports to organizing events for hundreds of people. A career in tourism can be demanding, both physically and emotionally, so it is important that you are ready to handle the responsibilities head on.

Just because there are certain qualities that every tourism professional must possess, that doesn’t mean that each person is the same. The tourism industry consists of very diverse individuals, ones that originate from all over the world and bring their own special flare to the job. That said, there isn’t only one type of tourism job. In fact, there are dozens. Here are just a few:

Cruise line director:

A cruise line director organizes the events, social gatherings and entertainment features on a cruise line, as well handling the following:

·                     Acting as a liaison between guests and the cruise line

·                     Provide knowledge of ships’ safety procedures

·                     Managing staff and departments (ensuring conduct and behaviour)

·                     Organizing schedules for lecturers, speakers, performers and entertainers



Resort Manager

The obvious perk of being a resort manager is living in the world’s most coveted vacation spots. Considering the sheer size and diverse facilities that many resorts are renown for, a resort manager can venture into various areas of the hospitality trade, including:

·                     Front Desk Management

·                     Housekeeping Operations

·                     Hotel Restaurant Management

·                     Food Operations Management

·                     Special Events Management



Although these career paths are all within the hospitality sector, they are all quite different from one another. Luckily, most hospitality management schools will cover all of these areas of in order to better prepare you to make a choice best suited for your career goals and interests.


Adventure tourism

Whether on land or at sea, what you love most about packing up your bag is the uncertainty of where your trip will take you. From leading nature hunts and organizing mountain climbs to organizing sea excursions, there are many exciting options that await you in a career in adventure tourism, including:

·                     Leading Wilderness Trips

·                     Starting and Operating Tourism Businesses

·                     Ocean Kayaking and River Rafting

·                     Avalanche Awareness

·                     Natural History & Wilderness Environment

·                     Heritage Interpreter

·                     Advanced Wilderness First Aid

·                     Marine Radio Operator


Regardless of your preference for land or sea, there is most definitely opportunities for you to start a career in travel and tourism.


Visit the Canadian Tourism College for more information on careers in travel and tourism.