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Luxury Couponing: Bargain Sites Offer Upscale Deals

6 JAN 2014

This week, the CTC blog looks at the growing trend of luxury, daily-deal websites – the kind that cater to high end consumers in search of exclusive products and experiences. The blog post, Luxury Couponing: Travel Sites Offer Upscale Deals, reviews changes to LivingSocial and Groupon, and reflects on how they have changed the public perception of bargain hunting:

When we think of coupons, we often envision grocery store flyers with specials on everyday items, or offers for buy-one-get-one-free.  T.V. shows like Extreme Couponing follow bargain-hunting consumers obsessed with achieving maximum discounts on household supplies. It’s a practice associated with families on tight budgets. However, the travel and tourism industry is seeing an increase in a new kind of cost-cutting product: luxury coupons for the extravagant tourist. Websites like LivingSocial and Groupon are beginning to offer deals for big spenders; consumers who are willing to spend thousands on discounted hotel suites, vacation packages and other luxury services.

The luxury coupon trend reveals that bargain-hunting is no longer the sole purview of the budget-conscious. High end discounts appeal to big spenders too – and daily-deal websites connect them to new products, businesses and experiences they would not otherwise encounter.  The sites also attract owners who appreciate the opportunity to attract a new consumer demographic; one with money to spare on luxurious niche consumables.