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Leveraging Mobile Payroll and Benefits

18 MAR 2014

Our definition of “the office” is changing. With smarter devices and faster networks on their side, businesses are investing heavily in cloud computing, mobile technologies and social media. Exceedingly simple to understand and use, mobile payroll applications allow business owners to run payroll on the go, giving them direct feedback. They allow employers to enter and review payroll information for employees and contractors, pay checks or cancel direct deposits for departing employees, calculate earnings and deductions, review hours and earnings to confirm accuracy before the payroll is processed, preview payroll liability and cash required and view reports from the current or past periods. If you’re interested in more information on leveraging mobile payrolls and benefits, you should check out this great blog by the National Academy of Health and Business. It will provide you with a complete overview of the current technology, what’s possible and where it’s heading.

“Mobile-enabled applications are still the domain of early adopter organizations, but things are about to change, especially as businesses continue their development for Apple’s iPad along with major smartphones, including the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. We are currently seeing a lot of interest and movement towards social media, cloud computing and mobile technologies, which are now part of most of businesses’ short and long-term plans, for employees as well as consumers.Payroll and Recruitment are the two major areas expected to pave the way, allowing businesses to reinvent, over time, all facets of their operations to include mobile.”