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Letters of Recommendation: Who to Ask and How?

20 DEC 2013

A recently written blog post for the AOLCC blog takes a look at the reality of asking for a letter of reference as well as tips and suggestions on whom to ask. The blog post entitled, “Letters of Recommendation: Who to Ask and How?” examines how students entering the work of work should prepare to ask for a letter of recommendation throughout the course of their professional career, as well as the etiquette of making a request to a potential referee.

Letters of recommendation are one of the uncomfortable realities of the workforce. If you are looking to evolve in your career, then a letter recommendation is often mandatory if you want to change employers. However what happens if you didn’t build a professional relationship with an employer who will be able to highlight your abilities in the best light possible? Or what if you are changing careers after a long period of work? How do you obtain a stellar letter of recommendation?

First off, plan early. If you are reasonably sure that eventually you would like to change positions, then you should be building professional relationships with your employer early on. Take the time to shine, whether it is through taking on additional overtime or simply coming up with effective yet impressive solutions to problems. Making positive work connections is what networking is all about.

Finally, the blog post encourages students with advice on networking tactics and also gives a realistic view of the workforce in describing how making the request for a letter of recommendation can be uncomfortable for many potential employees. With planning and forethought there’s no reason why any student should be unable to obtain a letter of recommendation in order to climb the career ladder.