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Legal Translation When Considering Dealing with Legal Matters

4 OCT 2013
Career Path : Business

Political barriers are diminishing every day. With the help of modern networking even smaller companies are endorsing their business internationally. With the internet, it’s a very easy transition. Through the internet we don’t face any political border. American companies are trying to capture the Asian companies. Similarly, Asian Companies try to earn in dollars by promoting their business in the US market.

The main problem is the language barrier. Before the internet era, one has to go to the target country, hire a native translator, and then only he is able to communicate with the customers. It required a lot of money and time.  Clear communication is one of the important key to have success in business. Without knowledge of the target language of the country it is impossible to do business internationally.  Nowadays language translation companies fix the language problem.  Language translator agencies are organizations which translate the provided material. They give contract to professional translators. The costing involved in hiring a legal translator can be reduced by selecting a translator from any third world country.

Legal translator agencies simply translate legal documents.  Legal translation requires some basic skills. First of all it requires knowledge of certain language. Every translator has its own specialized field. They keep up to date knowledge of that field. That generally improves the quality of the translation. Another necessary skill is the knowledge of law. As legal translation is translation of legal documents, it requires vast and high information of recent laws. These two skills are necessary for a good legal translation.

Translation requires discipline, knowledge and practice. There are several myths about the translation and translators. For example, some agencies claim that they can translate in very short time without deteriorating the quality. Translation is not an easy job which can be done very quickly. Again some claims that they can translate anything. A translator is specialized in only a certain section. The person cannot translate anything. Some agencies lure by claiming low price translation. Translation is a profession and requires hard work. A low price will not be worthy of the hard work.

Law is a vast area. There are many categories. It is impossible for a translator to get knowledge of every field. The field is getting bigger day by day. But for a foreign business most necessary thing is the knowledge of the law of both the countries. So it’s better to choose a specialized translator to specific types of work.  This maintains the language as well as the legal information.  One should also check the qualification and experience of the translator which is very important for the quality of the translation. The translated document should be proofread by a second translator or editor, which eliminated the further mistakes. Experience in the legal field is an added advantage for the job but this is not absolutely necessary.