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Learning from History’s Most Dangerous Thinkers

4 MAR 2014

Dreaming up grandiose thoughts and thinking big is what happens to excite the world and get groundbreaking ideas off of the paper and take physical form. However, often these radical dreamers and great thinkers are considered a danger to society. Why? Because they challenge the norms, and they step outside of the status quo – they colour outside of the lines. Change scares people, routine makes people feel safe, so when you have people radically challenging what we’ve come to depend on, it ruffles some peoples’ feathers a bit. However, these dangerous thinkers are the ones we need to take some cues from. They take chances, they stand for what they believe in, and they dare to be different. Check out this inspiring blog post by Shimer College, an alternative liberal arts college, for a great list of dangerous thinkers and what we can hope to learn from them.

“No one exemplifies the dangerous thinker more beautifully than Nicolaus Copernicus does. Even though he faced staunch opposition from not only the church, but the public on his – pardon the pun – revolutionary idea that the earth actually revolved around the sun, and not the opposite, he stuck to his guns. Dodging cries of heresy, Satanism and all manner of threats, he stood firmly behind his scientific work, and refused to be swayed by the public’s fear of change. The lesson here? Don’t let an engrained belief or wide-held assumption hold you back from daring to say something challenging or different – assumptions are made to be challenged.”