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Learning How To Cook Italian Food With Authentic Italian Cooking Classes

4 MAR 2014

Italian food is some of the most delicious, extravagant and incredible food on the planet, and us North Americans have been trying to replicate it and make it at home for decades. However, the best way to learn how to cook Italian food is to go to the source. It’s no secret that our conception of Italian food is a little bit off from how they actually do it, so it makes sense that learning in Rome is a much better option that taking cooking classes over here. It just so happens that John Cabot University, an English language university in the heart of Rome offers amazing extracurricular activities and trips, one being an authentic Italian cooking class with a celebrated chef. Check out this great blog post about what you can do to start cooking up authentic Italian meals in no time!

“It just so happens that John Cabot University offers amazing cooking classes for international students in Italy. For a small fee, you’ll be able to join celebrated chef Andrea Consoli and learn a wealth of secrets about the beauty and deliciousness of real Italian cuisine. You’ll be preparing a lavish four course meal with all beautiful organic ingredients completely from scratch. The menu changes with each class, so don’t hesitate to try it more than once.

The classes will take place at the new culinary school “Cooking Classes in Rome” located on Via dei Fienaroli, 5 (Trastevere).”