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Learning through Community Involvement

7 APR 2014

It’s easy to think when you’re studying in college that the only things you can learn from are the professors and textbooks that you’re required to glean information from for your studies. Academia often makes us feel like we’re drowning in a sea of lecture notes, and that without giant hulking textbooks and PowerPoint slides, we’re not learning anything. However, contrary to the opinion that colleges are only good for learning through books and instructors, there is a whole wealth of knowledge that you can be exposed to in higher education if you know where to look. The benefits of getting involved in a community and interacting with different varieties of people cannot be overstated. From helping you handle responsibility, to finding compassion for other human beings, participating in a community setting is a great way to learn valuable skills classes won’t teach you. Check out Shimer College blog for a great post on learning through community involvement.

“Whether it’s accepting a position as the treasurer for the Model UN club or just being in charge of getting everyone together for the weekly meeting of the Spanish club, the more responsibility you ease yourself into now, the better prepared you’ll be when a lot more is expected of you in the future. Not only does getting involved help you gain valuable resume fodder and meet and interact with a plethora of interesting and diverse people from all walks of life, but it’s essential in helping you along the path to becoming the person you want to be.”