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Career Path: Law

Back to Work with a Disability

15 JAN 2013 | CAREER PATH: Accounting
Deciding how to get back into the work force with a disability can be a challenge. Though it is illegal to discriminate, you can help reassure nervous employers of your capacity to do the job with some skills and career-focused training.  Certain fields can be very friendly to different sorts of di... Read More >>

Serve and Protect by Enrolling in a Police Foundations Diploma Program

9 JAN 2013 | CAREER PATH: Law
If you’ve ever wanted to tell people that your job is to “serve and protect”, and you want a career that can really make a difference in people’s lives, consider enrolling in a Police Foundations Diploma Program. Police Foundations Diploma Programs can prepare you for a numbe... Read More >>

Challenging Careers: Becoming a Paralegal

15 NOV 2012 | CAREER PATH: paralegal
Many people aspire to work in the prestigious fiel... Read More >>

Between The Law and the Mind: Forensic Science

11 SEP 2012 | CAREER PATH: Law
There’s little doubt that today, many people lov... Read More >>

An Inside Look at What Police Work is Really Like

23 MAY 2012 | CAREER PATH: Continuing Education
Let’s admit it: After watching a slew of those p... Read More >>