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Launching a Successful Digital Marketing Initiative

12 AUG 2014
Career Path : Administration

Marketing Management Online MBA

Marketers have more reach and power now than at any point in history. Never before have marketers been able to deliver their message to potential customers as easily, richly and inexpensively as they can now. Today’s digital marketing techniques are replacing entire industries with the efforts of single individuals or small teams.

Here are some aspects to consider when marketing in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Through the Funnel

Broadly speaking, marketing involves identifying potential customers and guiding them through a metaphorical sales funnel. The periphery of the funnel is large and intersects with many different marketing channels. As customers are engaged, they connect with concentrically fewer sales channels as they progress toward the funnel’s eye, wherein the potential customer becomes an actual sale and the marketing effort is deemed a success.

Much of marketing is concerned with designing and optimizing the sales funnel. While the metaphor seems like a simple one, there are many aspects that are key to creating the best digital marketing campaign.

Websites: The Eye of the Funnel

Most digital commerce culminates in websites. Not only do sites convey information, but they also serve as an excellent source of analytic data which offers powerful insights into what customers want.

Because it is so close to the sales funnel’s core, a marketing website deserves significant attention. Each page should be carefully thought out, written concisely, employ multimedia content where it makes sense, and direct viewers to a precise call to action. While at least one such call should make the sale, others might provide additional opportunities for customer engagement.

Keeping in Touch

There are many tools marketers use to maintain contact with customers. An online MBA in Marketing Management will prove invaluable in this regard. In general, marketing messages must be heard a handful of times before acted on. This number, known as the effective frequency, represents a point at which the message has become effective without becoming wasteful of advertising spending.

Many tools are available to achieve an effective frequency, often with little to no cost as they scale up. Email, social media and blogging are powerful ways to put your message in front of millions. Unfortunately, while these tools don’t increase in cost the way terrestrial or traditional print channels might, each brings its own unique challenges and advantages.

Authority and Credibility

Websites are great when you’ve captured your customers’ attention, and mailing lists are key for keeping in touch, but establishing authority and credibility are crucial when connecting at a distance. Often someone may be peripherally interested in a product without even knowing it. By establishing authoritative presences on forums, mailing lists and search engines, marketers can capture customers by providing useful information about their product or service without specifically selling it.

Whether selling you own goods or working for a large company, digital marketing is a key skill to have in the information age. An online Master degree is a great way to learn how to navigate the complicated landscape of online marketing.