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Launching Your Business in Oakville

16 JAN 2013
Career Path : Food and Catering

There are a lot of reasons you might want to have your business in Oakville. As a suburb of Toronto, it’s integrated with Canada’s biggest city. There’s a wonderful lakeside view and the area is already known for its shopping. As well as that, the community has put a lot of effort into city beautification, tourism attraction and making themselves conducive to businesses of every type. Thus whether you intend to start a car dealership or offer catering services in Oakville you have a good foundation for success.


Every business starts with a solid plan. Take the time to brainstorm what you’ll need, including how much money and what certification you’ll need. Basic business information specific to the type you’re trying to start can be found at the Oakville Public Library, also a quiet place to work on your plans, but when it comes to figuring out what sort of licencing you need, you’ll want a stop at Oakville’s Town Hall on Trafalgar Road. Fees and documentation vary by the nature of a the business, for example an Oakville Restaurant needs an inspection from the health board and fire inspection for the premises, while a bed and breakfast also needs extensive and up to date insurance on the building.


If you’re a contractor, you really don’t need more than a place to store your tools, but if you’re going to pick premises, you’re going to want to choose them according to both your budget and the type of customer you want to attract. Lakeside is a great place for entertainment oriented businesses, but if you want a café or a food truck you can try something closer to the office buildings to snag lunch time customers. Thankfully Oakville is not as expensive as rent in downtown Toronto, but don’t forget to get your building inspected and if you’re keeping equipment there, insurance is worth it. Accidents happen and this gives you fire, theft and flood coverage.


With a plan in hand and your certifications and licencing applied for, you’re also going to want to promote your business. If you want to use posters that is another trip to Town Hall for municipal bylaws regulating where and what ads you can post up on your own, or alternatively you can ask around with other businesses like Laundromats and grocery stores to put a flier on their bulletin board. Free samples are also good, but companies like catering services in Oakville are regulated by public health. To get around this pick some of the annual non-profit events like the Oakville half marathon in Lakeville park and ask the organizers if you can volunteer. You could also spring for banquet catering in Oakville as a contribution at a charity dinner, and get a tax deductible chance to network.



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