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Launch Your Career By Studying Abroad in Rome

21 MAY 2014
Career Path : Study Abroad

When it comes to launching a successful career, any head start you can get will come in handy. It’s a competitive world out there and the more preparation and novel experience you have, the more employers are going to pay attention to you. There’s nothing more attractive than a resume that stands out for being unique and intriguing.

Study Abroad to Make Connections

One of the best ways to make professional connections that will help you once you graduate is to study abroad. Studying abroad gives you the chance to connect and interact with people in a whole other part of the world, and chances are you’ll meet many students from around the globe who are doing the same thing. It’s a cultural and professional melting pot, and the connections you make studying abroad will definitely come in handy down the road. You never know – the student you room with while studying abroad could end up being your business partner in the future.

A Chance to Learn a Language

Studying abroad in Rome can also advance your career by providing a great opportunity to learn a second language. Studies show that it’s much easier to learn a second language when you’re immersed in it, so studying abroad in Rome will put you right in the thick of it when it comes to learning the Italian language. Being multilingual is not only a useful skill in its own right, but it can open the door for you to work in highly specialized jobs like translation, foreign diplomacy and international business.

Getting Exposed to Culture

Being open minded and having a willingness to explore another country’s customs and traditions is a great thing to put on a resume, because it not only shows that you’re open minded, curious and willing to discover new things, but that you can adapt easily. Living abroad for a year shows that you’re able to adapt to a new situation, and it also shows that you’re interested in experiencing new things and learning more, that you’re not just content with the same day-in and day-out routine. This is a great thing to put on a resume, as it indicates to an employer that you’re willing to take chances and that they can count on you for freshness and innovation.

The Food

Last, but certainly not least, one of the best reasons to study abroad in Rome has to be the amazing Italian food. Though it might not help you out on your resume unless you’re looking to become a chef or a food critic, it’s certainly worth the trip.

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