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John Cabot Year in Review

2 JAN 2014

This year at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy has been one of epic proportions. The university, where students from all around the world come to study under the beautiful Italian sun, has experienced not only an exponential increase in students, but in the amount of important discussion centered around world issues. This great blog post by John Cabot explores their 2013 year, recapping all of the highlights.


“2013 was a huge year for us – literally! This year was the largest ever entering class at John Cabot University, with nearly 200-members, the class of 2017 is one of our most diverse to date for students who study abroad in Italy: with students from over 29 countries, 22 US States, and 14 Italian regions. John Cabot is one of the more diverse universities in Italy, representing a wide array of countries from Austria, France and Germany to Latvia, Macedonia and Ukraine. With the world changing rapidly, and with so many students who study abroad, it’s important to not only keep abreast of important societal and political issues, but to get involved. 2013 was a year of great conversations about the current issues facing our global society.”


Everything from human rights and issues of poverty to the exploration of the continuing development of global ideas, John Cabot was heavily immersed in the unfolding issues of our world in 2013. With its largest class yet, it would be no surprise to find future leaders and influential idealists among the mix. We’ll just have to wait and see.