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Get Involved at John Cabot University: Learn About Clubs and Activities and Community Service

23 JAN 2014
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While it’s quite true that studying abroad at a university in Rome means a lot of hard work and textbooks, there’s more to life than calculus and economics. Experiencing the culture of a new place when you’re studying abroad is essential not only to a great, rewarding exchange experience but also in understanding your surroundings, and your place in them. This great blog post by John Cabot University explores some of the better options to get involved that are available to you when studying abroad.

“John Cabot University offers a wide array of clubs and societies, all with their own unique charm. Love to write? Why not join the Matthew, John Cabot University’s student run newspaper. Published online and in print, it gives the student body a voice and a platform for expression. Or maybe you’d like to step into the ring for the fight for equality? The LGBT-Straight Alliance club helps to foster an understanding and supportive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students at John Cabot University. The alliance is open to all students, regardless of sexual identification and simply serves as a way to promote acceptance and understanding.”

So whether you’re into getting that big scoop for the school newspaper and seeing your name on the front page or just passionate about fostering understanding and community involvement, there is no shortage of options for getting involved at John Cabot University. While the actual studying part of studying abroad is essential, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and immerse yourself in the culture before you blink and it’s gone.