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The Invaluable Admin

24 JAN 2013
Career Path : Accounting

Almost every business would founder without good administrative staff. Much praise goes to people in producing, designing and manufacturing roles, but no large or mid-scale operation would function without a framework and foundation built from the staff who see that wages and bills get paid, departments communicate and documents are archived, as well as seeing that facilities are well supplied and kept up to date. This cadre is well educated, with time spent in business school before they bring their skills to the support of the company.


Most people who hear office administrator assume this means an administrative assistant, or in other words, the job that used to be called secretary. These workers are certainly part of the admin team, but there is more than just typing, filing and dictation to administrative work. The higher ranks in the company are also filled with admins, in this case managers. While it is common that the producers and designers will be managed by one of their own, to truly advance their careers, many managers turn to a business school to round out their skill set. Managers have to be excellent communicators, helping the company set and achieve realistic productivity goals while making sure the company is always strictly adhering to the law. Meanwhile, accounting school graduates also end up as administrative staff too. Inventory, budgeting, payroll and the accounts payable and receivable departments of a company are all classified as support roles.


Another surprising part of the support team is the IT school graduates who manage the computer services for the office or the digital archives. Network administrators, IT technicians and information technology specialists all must work closely with the other employees to ensure that files can be found when they’re needed, including financial records, and keep the internal networks and office computers functioning in top shape. Lastly, public relations and marketing have the business school stamp. A company’s external communications must be specially curated.


For a lot of administrators, whether in accounting, marketing or another department, the first step to becoming invaluable starts with business school classes. It is very rare to find an administrator with limited education. Even those who have spent less time in school are simply graduates of more intensive programs that condensed more information into a shorter period. But, whether the administrator was a power learner or wanted to study at a more balanced pace, the other reality of office administrative work is constant re-education. This can mean anything from learning new computer skills to a complete retraining to rise in the ranks or switch between departments. This is the other reality about administrators.  They must be agile react to changes in business and expect and embrace change and upheaval.



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