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Introduction to Used Car Dealerships

14 MAR 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Not every dealership has the latest models. There are great business opportunities in second hand car sales. Rather than getting a licence to sell a particular brand, instead you have much greater freedom in what you can show on your lot. On the other hand you’re more responsible for your own stock and advertising. Second hand cars are very popular, especially in a struggling economy, because a large part of the retail value of a car drops after it has acquired its first buyer.


Dealerships, whether they are selling used or new cars, depend on people with sales training, including graduates from and auto sales college. They may also offer service to cars and other vehicles in house, in which case they need a staff with auto mechanic training to run the garage. And, if they have someone coordinating shipping, that is room for someone from dispatch schools.


Every dealership needs stock. They might sell regular cars, or trucks or even farm machinery and recreational and off road vehicles like snowmobiles. Some of these might be bought on auction, for example from seized property. Some of their merchandise will come from people who are upgrading or decided this type of vehicle wasn’t for them. In particular, a used vehicle dealership, with their diverse merchandise, needs to make sure that cars they acquire are thoroughly inspected. Thus, even if they don’t have an onsite garage, they will still depend on someone with excellent automotive mechanic training to do inspections. For example after a natural disaster like a hurricane, dealerships might be inundated with storm damaged cars, which are too water damaged to be salvageable except as parts. This protects the dealer and the consumer.


Dealerships also need to provide the title of ownership for the car. Motor vehicles are registered this way, to help prevent them from being stolen and allowing the trading of cars to be taxed. Whenever a car is sold or traded, even to a scrap yard, its paperwork will continue to follow it around until it is finally junked. A car may pass through several owners, from brand new, to a more budget conscious owner and finally when it gets ripped apart and recycled. A good auto sales college grad knows how to meet the needs of every kind of customer.


There is one category of second hand car that is definitely not more economical. Vintage cars are available in a finite and dwindling quantity as time continues to erode on their availability. They are a luxury product that’s useful not just to hobbyists, but also for historically accurate movies that do not want to build replicas. Still, most used car dealerships are of the budget variety.



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