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13 JAN 2014

For someone who’s artistically minded and passionate, there’s no more startling realization than the one that you might end up at a dead-end office job, just pushing papers around or doing minute design tasks, never getting noticed and never getting the chance to do something great. Well, as this great blog post by Digital School points out, in the world of Computer Assisted Design, that’s not going to be the case.

“Afraid that you’re just going to be creating someone else’s plans for a part or a building on software, never getting a chance to put in some input? Well, if you’ve got a keen eye for design and a bit of ingenuity, you could be helming your own ideas and even be your own boss. CAD designers bridge the gap between people who just draft designs given to them, and those who come up with the grander, overarching ideas. These are people who don’t need to be give all of the exact specs, they have their own conceptions and ideas and the training to implement them.”

The necessary training and artistic drive could have you becoming one of the most reknowned and sought after designers on the market. Not only is it possible to express your creativity and ingenuity in your work, but it’s also possible for your work to be your work. No giant, colossal firms with faceless employees, you could work at a small, artistic agency or even freelance! The world is your oyster as a CAD designer.