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Innovations in Objective Online Testing Tools

3 DEC 2013

There has been a recent shifting of learning processes in education and career advancement so it makes sense that there is a corresponding transition in assessment methods to test the success of acquired knowledge. This is a great article from Test Generator about recent innovations in objective online testing tools. Exam creation software is swiftly changing to accommodate greater customization in the assessment process, with improved reliability, quicker results for feedback, analytical and reporting tools, and saving instructors all that time in marking and grading through automatic procedures.

“Computer based assessment, or e-testing, delivers substantial benefits in flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, particularly in time and cost savings for grading and the availability of instant feedback for test takers. The wireless nature of the internet removes barriers of location and time from the assessment process, objectivity brings improved reliability, and digital administration creates advanced reporting and analysis capabilities.

New customizations in exam creation software are able to provide higher levels of engagement than ever before through innovative methods of interaction. Better assessment tools help to shape institutional practice and widens participation and enthusiasm for involvement, while embracing technological advances enhances the institution’s reputation as a leader in the field.”

These assessment tools are flexible enough to be personalized to individual requirements, no matter the distance or time constraints. Sometimes increasing the development cost is worth it because it expands the size of the potential market. For more complex computerized testing, assessment can be measured in degrees of correctness with software acting as the filter.