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Information Systems in Healthcare

29 NOV 2013

A recent blog post written on the AOLCC blog takes a look the future of the healthcare industry and issues within the healthcare industry that individuals who work in the system should pay attention to. The post, Information Systems in Healthcare, also examines issues that governments are facing surrounding the future of healthcare and the worries that the average citizen might have when it comes to their health.

“If you are currently taking healthcare courses  or even working as a medical office assistant, then policy analysis is an area to pay attention to, to learn how the industry will evolve. How will it be possible for governments to address the issue of the worries of the average citizen when it comes to their health?  The answer to that question remains to be seen, though one way that the government can ensure that healthcare needs will be met in the future is to ensure that the healthcare with receive sufficient funding in order to evolve with the technological changes that are occurring.”

As well, by offering career suggestion and pointing to areas of the industry that that current students should be looking at when thinking about healthcare, the blog post offers a way for its readers to question the healthcare system and think of methods that it can use to improve.

Finally, by examining the information system of the healthcare system, the post addresses role of the government and the way that they can ensure that healthcare needs will be met in the future.