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What Industries Use Computer-Aided Design?

25 NOV 2013
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Before computer-aided design, the only way to develop a design or prototype was by hand. This could be time-consuming, costly, and extremely difficult. The good news is that computer-aided design, also known as CAD, has virtually wiped out the need for other expensive ways of development designs and prototypes. While most people think of CAD exclusively in terms of engineering industries, there are actually many industries in which this technology is used.


Many clothing designers do still design their creations by hand in the beginning, but later in the process CAD is often used. The software helps manufacturers find the most efficient ways in which to cut the fabric and the best method for adjusting the scale of the pattern for various sizes. Virtual models can show them how the clothes will fit and move, and any changes that need to be made can be done before the manufacturer has gone to the expense of creating the clothing.

Landscape Design

Landscaping may look simple, but it’s not quite as easy as simply buying some plants and finding a place for them. In order for landscapers to create incredible outdoor displays and find the ideal placements for a variety of components like gardens, patios, trees, bushes, and more, they use CAD software. This fascinating industry has grown leaps and bounds since technology has allowed for specific planning before the ground is ever broken.


Despite what many believe, cartography, the creation of maps, is alive and well. However, no longer do cartographers rely on compasses. Instead, they use some kind of CAD software to chart various things, like climates, roads, and topography.


When you’re creating something as big and costly as a building, planning is essential. CAD software can be used to design both 2D floor plans as well as 3D schematics of all types of buildings, from houses, to office buildings and other types of commercial structures. In addition to the architecture and layout, CAD is used to find the right specifications for measurements, volumes, and weights before construction ensues. Thanks to this, CAD is a standard part of architecture training.

Car Design and Manufacturing

It’s difficult to imagine that vehicle design and manufacturing would have come as far as it has if it weren’t for CAD. The most sophisticated design software is now used in each aspect of vehicle design. From creating prototypes of new styles, to designing every component of a vehicle, including tires, boards, upholstery, engines, and more, CAD is instrumental in designing new cars and getting them rolling off the assembly line.

As you can see, there are many uses for CAD software – some expected and some that may surprise you. It’s no wonder that CAD college is the stepping stone to so many great careers.

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