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The Importance of a Practical Internship

21 NOV 2012
Career Path : Computers and Technology

Unfortunately, students often graduate from university and have trouble finding employment. The reason for this is because students are not given any practical training, making them less favorable for immediate hire. Companies want to employ prospects that can be productive immediately following their hiring, especially if they have the choice between a student that is only wet behind the ears, or a graduate with real world experience. Experience is chiefly important for students that are studying in IT related fields.


Today, computer colleges can offer hands on training, preparing students for work in the real world. One of the greatest attributes of these colleges is that they offer stages, or internships that are geared towards providing all of their students with actual experience working in their intended fields of expertise. Whether it is IT training, or web design courses, most institutions have agreements with selected companies to ensure that all students benefit from actual experience before they are awarded their diploma. This program helps to ensure the placement of graduates, greatly increasing the chances of successful employment.


Besides experience, internships also teach students how to act in a work environment. It teaches them a level of professionalism, while educating them in the areas of time management, communication and self-discipline. While many people naturally possess these skills, some do not. The internship helps to bring all students to the same level (naturally some will excel in some areas that others do not—this is simply a result of personality traits as opposed to employee skill), preparing them for all aspects of working for a company once their studies are complete.


In a tech field, students are expected to possess an extremely high level of skill. IT training can teach students the latest software and programs, and educate them on how to be adaptable to change in the technological industry. The same goes for careers in web or graphic design—computer colleges can prep students for the real world by teaching them not only practical experience, but also the theoretical knowledge needed to succeed in the world of ever evolving technology. For instance, web design courses teach students how to use all of the most recent software while simultaneously encouraging the more creative side of the students. This allows students to find their comfort zones and strengths before graduation, making them more likely to succeed in the very real and competitive working world.


When considering enrollment at any career college, ask about their stage-internship program, especially if you are considering a job in the IT field. Ensure that the college offers practical training, in additional to their theory classes. Ask about the flexibility of the program, and see if the program suits your schedule, and if not, ask if there is any way to make it work. Also ask about job placement—some colleges offer additional aid in these fields.


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