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The Importance of Extra-curricular Activities

7 NOV 2013
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The Importance of Extra-curricular Activities

At times, managing the demands of a regular course load feels so overwhelming that it’s difficult to imagine devoting additional time to joining extracurricular activities. Even though during your secondary school education, you made time for extra-curricular activities, it’s easy to want to leave them by the wayside when you begin post-secondary education, particularly with the numerous time commitments trying to balance school with a part-time job and a larger volume of assignments. However, there are many benefits that extra-curricular activities have to offer. Before you leave your favorite activities behind, take a look at the advantages of becoming involved in extra-curricular activities.

Socialize and Network

One of the advantages of extra-curricular activities is that you are taking the time to discover your interests. Although while you are in school your grades and academic achievements will likely be your primary focus, taking time for yourself and for your own mental health through joining additional activities could be beneficial, as it can re-energize you and give a much necessary break from the demands of constant studying. Many students decide on activities or clubs to join by looking through their school directory or college directory for ideas. Additionally, there are health benefits to gain from having a regular fitness routine from joining a sports team as a scheduled escape from academia.

However, many students also use extra-curricular activities, such as joining a cultural group, as a way to meet others with similar interests. Another benefit of the increased commitment on your time means building better time management skills in order to effectively juggle daily commitments. And there are even schools which offer additional credits for students who take on extra-curricular activities. Take a look at your school news to read articles to learn about what your peers are doing to motivate into joining additional activities. Furthermore, if you need an additional reason why extra-curricular activities are just as important now as they were in high school, consider this; they may even help shape your career.

Define Your Career

From learning about photography to discovering astronomy, focusing on your interests may also mean that you are that much closer to a finding your ideal career path. Many have combined their education with their interests in order to discover their real career aptitude or even start their own business as an entrepreneur. As well, taking the time to learn how to work well with others will help you develop patience and tolerance, both necessary skills that will benefit your long-term career once you have made the transition from school to work and need to work with different types of personalities.  Also, you never know when an interest that you’ve developed will lead to a potential internship or even employment gained from developing skills such as building your portfolio, taking on a leadership role, or even accomplishing tasks such as fundraising or event planning.

Throughout your academic career, there will be numerous demands on your time. The most effective way to manage these demands is to balance your life by prioritizing and focusing your attention on what matters to you the most.