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The Importance of Corporate Industry Training

17 FEB 2014
Career Path : CAD

The business world is evolving, and more and more employers are expecting graduates and potential hires to be prepared for anything that gets thrown at them. Even though there are several examples of companies eschewing the more “serious” and “corporate” nature of business, it’s still very much the standard as far as corporations go. So if you don’t want to start closing doors on opportunities, being knowledgeable about corporate practices is essential to keeping your foot in the door. The importance of corporate industry training is ever-increasing – employers want to be sure that you can maintain a professional appearance and attitude, as well as understand the usual business lingo. If you show up for your first day in sweatpants and you’re not aware of what the term “bandwidth” means outside of your web server, well then you might be in trouble. This great post by Digital School talks about the importance of educating yourself on corporate practices, and just what the benefits of that can be.

“Increasingly, businesses are adopting set practices and lingo that are pretty much uniform. From using acronyms like “HR” and “ROI,” to adopting words like “bandwidth” to refer to availability to do work, the lingo of businesses can get pretty complex. That’s why schools are starting to teach this kind of thing, because it gives new graduates a standard knowledge set that can be applied anywhere – it’s uniform. Learning the corporate jargon means you won’t be surprised when you step foot into an office and people start throwing around these terms – in fact, you’ll be prepared to sling some terms of your own right back.”