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The Importance of Certification in the Labour Market

8 APR 2014


Despite the weak global economic environment, the Canadian economy has expanded at a faster pace than others and the labour market has been resilient, with over 1 million net new jobs created since the world economy recovery began in July 2009. Moreover, high-wage, high-skilled, full-time and private-sector employment has been the main source of job creation over the recovery. Overall, Canada enjoys a fairly mobile population that responds well to economic opportunities and regional differences in labour market conditions. Meeting the challenges of tomorrow will require that Canada continue to build upon these strengths. One trait that sets apart the Canadian economy is its emphasis on Trade Certification. If you’d like to read more about The Importance of Certification in the Labour Market, you should check out this great blog by the Digital School. It will give you a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of this process as well as how it ties into Canada’s economic future.

“Not only can certification be used as a tool to improve internal processes and meet regulatory compliance, but businesses confirm that it has a positive effect on revenue, regardless of the enterprise’s size, from small business to large multinational. As the structure of the Canadian economy changes in response to shifts in the global economy, a mobile labour force is important to ensure that labour is reallocated to where it is most needed. Every year, a significant number of Canadians move to a different region in search of better job opportunities. Proper certification ensures that their skills will be recognized everywhere.