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The Importance of Car Batteries

20 DEC 2013

There’s nothing worse than that feeling of getting in your vehicle, attempting to start it and then realizing that awful truth: the battery’s dead! Luckily, that might very well be a thing of the past, as this great post from Automotive Training Centre explores. Not only are more efficient car batteries being developed, but even the cars themselves are being streamlined for energy efficiency.

“Luckily for us though, there have also been some great developments in battery technology that might mean the end of that fear when you get into the car. Thanks to the booming electric vehicle industry, the advancements in battery power have also trickled down to the gas vehicle industry as well, meaning that we have the technology to make better, more sustainble and more efficient batteries for vehicles now. Researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder are working on a solid-state battery technology as we speak. A solid-state battery is about three times more efficient than a normal car battery, as well as being lighter and safer. The technology is still relatively new, but with the nation buzzing about electric cars, it won’t be long before the battery is implemented.”

While it may seem like a chore, the more you know about your battery means that when something goes wrong, things will go a lot smoother. Knowing what type of battery you’re dealing with and what the voltage is couldn’t be more important. There’s nothing that’s more of a pain in the neck than changing batteries, but hopefully these advancements will make those nightmare battery terminals and spitting acid a thing of the past!