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The Importance of an Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship

17 MAY 2013
Career Path : Automotive

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Auto mechanic training gives you applied and practical learning in this growth industry. The skills you learn not only deal with the auto mechanics, but lets you have the chance to learn under supervisors and experienced auto mechanics who can make the theoretical become a reality. The skills you learn allow for greater job opportunities when you have the education to back up their experience. And better experience means more interesting work and better benefits.


If you are looking for a garage with trusted auto mechanic training, or want to register for an auto mechanic apprenticeship, then here are a few things you should know:


The best of both worlds:

Learning on the job and in the classroom – apprenticeship gives you the best of both learning worlds. It matches an employer looking for an enthusiastic and hard-working student with an individual who wants to learn that skill set. Combining in-school training and on-the-job experience lets you realize first-hand what is involved in the career, while being supervised by qualified people.



Servicing intake and exhaust systems, maintaining wiring and instrumentation systems, inspecting brake systems, understanding fuel injection systems, adjusting manual and automatic systems – the list of tasks involved in auto mechanic training is great, which means a large variety of work. You will encounter new challenges on a regular basis. Many garages encourage supplementing existing training to keep on top of new procedures, making your skill set even more valuable, and increases the expertise of the business too. As well, some franchise dealerships have specialized courses to teach their mechanics about the unique challenges with the vehicles that they sell.


Emerging technology:

Every year, car makers improve the cars that they make and sell, whether it be with the fuel the cars use, the safety features available, or the options to select. With these improvements also come new or updated technologies. Therefore, training through an auto mechanic apprenticeship will expose you to the latest technologies available and learn how to service many different types of vehicles, whether they be domestic or imports, hybrids or electric, diesel or gas powered. Additionally, you will learn the different techniques of diagnosing vehicle issues; for example, diagnostic computers are becoming more common in garages – a laptop is becoming just as important as a set of wrenches.


Job satisfaction:

When you have the education and the actual know-how for all elements in your job, you feel useful, experienced, and trustworthy. Job satisfaction is an important aspect in enjoying your career, and apprenticeship gives you the basis for realizing exactly what it can be like on the job.
You don’t want to trust just anyone with your car or your education. When you need work done on your vehicle, or you want to receive stellar education for auto mechanic or car sales training, take the time to select an auto mechanic or a training program that fits you.

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