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Immigrants and Healthcare Training

3 MAY 2013
Career Path : Administration

For many newcomers, having already made the huge leap of moving to a new country, one of the next tasks you need to tackle is finding a career. Some immigrants come with a job preplanned, for example receiving sponsorship from an employer or after a long period working in the same field. However, other immigrants are often starting over completely. They are attracted to things like healthcare training for its reliability.


For many immigrants, not all certification and training transfers easily. Countries vary according to health and safety standards and legal practices, or even business customs. Immigrants also generally prefer a steady source of income, indeed as part of the approval process, the ability to prove a consistent ability to self-support is crucial. On the other hand, not every immigrant has lots of money. Some, especially refugees or people leaving war torn homes or damaged economies, may have less resources than the average citizen. Things like personal support worker psw courses become popular because they take a relatively short time to complete, as is becoming a home healthcare aide or nursing assistant.


Other immigrants may look for training programs that help balance their existing experience in their country of origin with the demands of the new location. For example someone who was a nurse in their home country may not be legally allowed to practice in the same capacity, but they might take some extra healthcare training, for example the aforementioned psw courses in Toronto , and command a higher salary than a regular psw thanks to the extra things they can advertise.


Immigrants also encourage their children into things like healthcare because they tend to be risk averse, and very family oriented. To survive uprooting generally becomes a group project, and many successful immigrant families expect each family member to contribute to the group. For example they may start a business or work long hours at a difficult and unglamorous job to pay for the healthcare training in Toronto for family and then expect a return on the investment, for example with the wages that the family member earns with the extra education going back into a communal business or in support of the person’s siblings and the further education goals of the family.


One other reason makes it appealing to newcomers: Healthcare, in particular, has a reputation for reliability and social respect. Even a support role in medicine is also attractive to immigrants because a big part of their experience is fitting into the new environment. There is a comfortable place of belonging, where the in demand nature of the jobs mean that there is less of a need to convince people that you are part of the new country.

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