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ICCAD 2013

30 DEC 2013

A whirlwind of technology, talks and terrific tales, the 2013 iteration International Conference for Computer-Aided Design or ICCAD was a rousing success. With talks and workshops on everything from neural network computing, to the future of architecture, it was an amazing meeting of key figures in the industry, up-and-coming students and inspiring speakers. This great blog post by Digital School recaps some of the bigger and more exciting highlights of the event such as the prestigious awards and keynote speeches.

“One of the most interesting and successful years of the conference, there were a gaggle of awards and praises to give out, as well as some exceptionally entertaining and interesting workshops. Kicking off the conference was the absolutely awe-inspiring “Future of Computing Through Brain-Inspired Architectures” keynote speech by Thomas Sterling. The speech explored the amazing possibilities and technologies behind brain-inspired computing and how these ideas can be implemented into the curriculum of a design college. Everything from examining classical neural networks in the brain to talking about what the future means for artificial intelligence.”

The conference was heavily focused on innovation and looking towards the future of computer assisted design, and analyzing where it could take us. From replicating the networks of the brain to give us more insight into how we build things, to actually building things that give us insight on how the brain works, it’s no question that computer assisted design technology is at the forefront of our expanding global community.