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How Being Humble, Kind, and Calm Will Make Your Life Easier

10 APR 2014

1280px-Teens_sharing_a_songWe loved this article by Lifehacker on how being humble and kind can make your life easier. If this sounds almost too good to be true, consider that humble people are more likely to be helpful, and be offered help, and that they have higher self-control. Moreover, being kind produces dopamine in the brain, which should help you feel good.

Confidence is key to getting ahead in life. It helps you do better at work, in relationships, and in interviews. Overconfidence, however, can make you seem like a genuine jerk. We all know that one person that thinks they are the strongest, smartest, and just all around best at everything. Truthfully, we all dislike that person to some degree.

People respond well to humility because it shows that you place yourself at the same level as them, and not above them. Plus, it has other benefits too.”

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