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Changes to the Hospitality Industry

17 SEP 2013
Career Path : Hospitality

For resort management and hospitality business management professionals, keeping up with the latest industry trends is absolutely vital in assuring that your business remains competitive and viable. In reality, not keeping up with the times can be a death knell in the hospitality industry. Consumers have so many choices, at so many price points, that you have to offer them a truly exceptional experience for their money in order to gain their patronage. Here are some of the latest ways in which the hospitality industry is changing:

The Youth Are Starting to Travel

  • People from their 20s to their mid 30s are now traveling more than ever, which presents unique challenges and opportunities for hospitality professionals. The young demographic expects a different set of amenities than some older travelers, and providing those amenities at your facility can boost business. Many hotels, for example, now feature free, facility-wide wifi connections for customers, a virtual must for attracting the “smartphone generation,” as well as in-room charging consoles for mobile devices, large, comfortable common areas for congregation, and trendy bars that offer regular social events. Not every facility needs to have all of these amenities, but by including at least some of them, you can make sure that competitors don’t pass you by in attracting young, tech-savvy travelers.

Technology on Both Sides of the Check-in Desk

  • The technological revolution is not limited simply to young people, or consumers in general. Technology can be a valuable tool for in resort management and hospitality business management. Technological advances make it easier for management to track the needs of customers, provide prompt, efficient service, take reservations, monitor employee work habits, and reach new customers.

To the last point, social media has become a valuable tool in the resort advertisement repertoire. Consumers expect to be able to connect with any business that they patronize through social media. A strong social media presence allows you to make lasting connections with customers, offer discounts and incentives to draw new business, listen and adapt to customer suggestions, and allow your business to reach growing, new markets.

A Personalized Experience

  • Thanks to the ease with which technology makes the personal customization of the hospitality experience vital, a personalized experience is now expected by consumers – and yes, technology is a major trend in hospitality changes. If a customer has stayed at your facility before, they will expect you to have some knowledge of what they desire from their stay. Even if it is their first time at your facility, they will expect a streamlined check-in process, and a personalized welcome in their room. Something as simple as their TV screen saying “welcome (guest’s name)” instead of “welcome, valued customer” can make a big difference.

By adapting to the latest technological trends, hospitality professionals can keep up with the early innovators, and gain a considerable advantage over those who fail to adapt. In the end, modern technology, properly used, makes hospitality a more enjoyable experience for both consumers and hotel and resort management.

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