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A Hospitality Career for Any Season

15 OCT 2012
Career Path : Hospitality

Most people need to divide their professional lives between two distinct periods: when they are working, and when they are on vacation. Work lets one afford to go on vacation. Vacations give one the rest and relaxation needed to go back to work afresh. Some people are so over-worked they need to bring their jobs with them on holiday. Others are so laid back that take mini-holidays in their minds even while on the job. The problem with these kinds of lifestyles and professional attitudes is that it simultaneously prevents one from enjoying a vacation while on break, and hinders one’s work during the rest of the year.

If there is any industry that successfully synthesizes these two distinct modes of being, it is the hospitality industry. Working in hospitality can send you to exotic locations and give you the opportunity to experience all sorts of recreational activities, and get paid for it. While this sounds ideal, not everyone is cut out for a career in hospitality; unfortunately, loving vacations is not the only criteria to get a good job. One must be energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, and despite what could be a laid-back atmosphere, a hard worker.

Attending a hospitality management school could help you determine if you have the right qualities to be successful in this field. If you are ready to launch your career, one of the first things you should consider is what kind of vacation-style best suits your interests. One of the ways to divide up these different holidays is based on the seasons.


Summer is the season for travel, as most people, especially university students, have time off. Popular destinations are Europe or the Far East, where there is so much to do beyond simple relaxation. After completing hospitality management school, you could find work in a trendy hotel in Singapore or give walking tours through the old cities of Prague or Vienna.


For many living in colder climates, winter is the time to escape for some fun in the sun. The southern United States and the Caribbean are excellent vacation spots, with many work opportunities in all-inclusive resorts, or even cruise ships. For those who love the snow, ski resorts have many great work opportunities in hospitality, from working in the hotel to the ski hills. Consider British Columbia’s Rocky Mountain resorts, like Whistler.


Autumn is the most picturesque time of year and many people flock to the north-eastern parts of Canada and the US to see the leaves change. Cozy bed and breakfasts are a good place to work that really lets you get personal with vacation-goers. Leading hiking trips, apple-picking, and bicycle tours are other great jobs.


Not too hot and not too cold, Spring is a great time discover wonderful urban settings, like Toronto or New York City. Consider being one of those all-knowing, all-connected hotel concierges guiding people to the best shopping, theater, and restaurant reservations. If parties are your thing, working at a spring-break resort is another option.

If any of these options seem like an ideal work atmosphere, and if you are looking for something beyond a part-time job, look into hospitality management college and get your first-class ticket to a great career.

Visit the Canadian Tourism College for more information on obtaining a hospitality management diploma