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What is Hospitality Business Management?

10 APR 2013
Career Path : Hospitality

Hospitality business management refers to a whole range of professions centred on creating an exceptional guest experience in a hotel, resort or other facility that houses guests. These might be business travellers, tourists, diplomatic emissaries or even long term residents. The business might be a five star institution or even a camp ground. Making hospitality into a business is also an old idea. While most cultures have ancient rules on hospitality, this came from a time when travellers were scarce. As commerce grew and communities became more interconnected, the profession of innkeeper became increasingly relevant.


By the Georgian period it was as standard a profession as any other. Over time this has evolved, to include everyone from bed and breakfast keepers catering to budget travellers to pleasure seekers being entertained by a specialist in international resort management. These sorts of venues are even crucial to the marketing strategies of various film studios, which are able to create an entire participatory culture around their films. Whether it is cartoon princesses or heroic action adventure stories, a carefully curated guest experience can be crucial for other commercial interests.


Companies that don’t have their own venues turn to hotels to host everything from investor conferences to corporate retreats. As a part of something you will learn in hotel management school, the hotel in particular is an essential part of the business world. Even as telecommunications reduces the necessity for travel, hotels provide both a dedicated space for large groups but also a place for travelling workers and neutral ground for deals, as well as convention space for everything from industry show cases to job fairs.


Hospitality business management also pays attention to pleasure travellers and people visiting for not commercial reasons. They generally have more leisure time and can look to the hotel as a launching place for their exploration of the environment. A skilled concierge is good at steering guests towards something they will find enjoyable.  This is one part research into what is available in the surrounding area, but may also even involve the active part of hotel to be sure that guests have lots of things to do. The do this both by hosting events and by participating in tourism organizations to promote municipal beautification and annual festivals.


Hotel management school is the general path to most hotel management roles. This can range from a one or two year diplomat program to bachelor, master or PhD level training in the subject matter. It is one part standard management skills, such as employee relations or supply chain management, and one part industry specific skills. Graduates will learn everything from hotel room pricing to how to efficiently decorate their business or run a commercial kitchen.

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