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Hospitality Business Management Off Season Advice

18 JUN 2013
Career Path : Hospitality


Hospitality management is focused on the guest experience, the relationships that bring people back to you for their special family events and other off-season visits. However, while good staff is key to guest experience, retaining staff in the seasonal nature of hotel or resort management will be one of your key challenges. How you manage the off season is extremely important.

Need more evidence? Getting and keeping skilled staffers can be a real effort – especially for highly adventurous or remote sorts of resorts and hosted specialty adventures. This makes it difficult to build on experience while designing new profit-margin strategies. Repeat business and word-of-mouth are the kings of hospitality business management. It is important to have consistent policies and staff members, having the same people meeting and greeting year in and year out. This means that employee relationships need to be as important as the commitment to the highest-quality service relationships.
Off Season Incentives and the Value of Mergers

Hospitality business management and resort management specialists will always advise year-round hours for increased profitability. You may also be well advised to find a similar business to partner with for expanded service delivery and greater access to a broader clientele base.

This can be done by combining resort or bed-and-breakfast businesses with arm-around-the-shoulder guided adventures such as river rafting or wilderness journeys. There are year-round seasonal adventure companies who need bases to train and return to for every genre of adventure. Committed, qualified staff often arrives with the owners of a new business, and these people are as much an asset to you as investors, in hospitality business management.

Mergers are often the sweet-spot for small business owners who need to combine compatibility with profitability. Resort management and hospitality management specialists are well-served by considering the various merger options that may be available to them in their local communities. One thriving business is far better than two failing businesses any day.


Running Numbers, Keeping Balance and Understanding Labour Ratios

For you and your staff, eating well, regular exercise and taking time for yourself are the best ways to remain prepared for your next season.  Burnout comes easily to the tired and worn-out.. Being as stable as possible is the ticket to business longevity on more levels than most realize. This includes keeping personal commitments stable as well.

Another key to seasonal business longevity, especially in people jobs like resort management, is to surround yourself with people you really like. Especially when your earning season is short, there is little time to deal with bad blood. Tight personal relationships help dramatically when life gets tricky during mid-season. Keeping that in mind can also help you when the going gets tough, among many things because good relationships mean your staff will want to come back time and time again as they develop particular loyalty to you.

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