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Honda’s New MC-β Prototype

7 FEB 2014

Electric cars are certainly coming into their own these days, finally becoming much more of an actual reality than a pipe-dream. As we push forward for cleaner, more efficient cars, the likelihood of electricity being the dominant engine power gets more and more realistic. One of the biggest contributors to harmful emissions and environmental damages is the fact that so many people have to commute to their job every day, usually in giant gas-guzzling SUVs or sedans, and that mean an absolutely awful strain on the environment. Honda is looking to change that with their revolutionary Micro Commuter concept car that’s been in the works for quite some time. The newest incarnation of the tiny electric concept car, the MC- β Prototypeor “Micro Commuter Beta,”combines amazing efficiency with a forward-looking design, hoping to bring the idea of electric commuter cars to the masses. Check out this blog post by Automotive Training Centre for more information.

“While it’s not going to be hitting North American shores anytime soon – it’s still very much a concept car, and the design and composition of the car are still being retooled – it offers a glimpse into the stunning possibilities of such a tiny, efficient commuter car. Even if it is something your auto mechanic might laugh their head off about.

Though appearing relatively small, the efficient micro-sized car comfortably sits two full-sized adults, and has a surprisingly roomy cabin for its size. The car’s body is approximately 90 centimeters shorter than your typical tiny car like the Smart Fortwo, which means Honda really did some intense thinking and planning to make this thing as roomy as it is.”