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Homeschooling – Alternative way to receive knowledge

30 AUG 2013
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Homeschooling is one of the fashionable tendencies of modern educational. According to statistic data, homeschooling is very popular in Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Australia, Canada, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Norway. Remarkable is the fact that during ten years the number of families, which chooses alternative education, has increased three times.
Maybe, one of the components increasing such tendency is the offer of alternative ways and the support. But the results of research shows other factors: negative social environment in schools, frequency of violence, religion and ethnic minority discrimination, numerous students, low quality of education, often strict or rather soft attitude. On one side, non-systematic, free and ambitious education offers us other view.

Jessica Shepherd, the journalist from newspaper “The Guardian” discusses this alternative method of education in her article “No school like home”.

“Homeschooling without restricting by educational plan is more effective. I can learn what I want and when I want”. Jill, mother of Yan, took his elder daughter at school at the age of five.
Journalist from newspaper “The Guardian” had a conversation with another family, who have three children. Parents has adopted children, so they receive enough subsidies and have no need in job. They decided to spend their time to children’s home education. Fiona, mother, considers that “Children become robots in school system”. By decision of Fiona, children will receive homeschooling education but other members of family have critically estimated, although Fiona’s two elder sons are successful students and junior is preparing for entrance exams.
Opponents of homeschooling state that such families are just following fashion and they prevent their children to integrate as in social environment, also in educations. In 2008 Institute of Education, University of London published book “How Children Learn at Home”. Authors of book Alan Thomas and Harriet Pattison do not express entire position, but conclude that homeschooling gives very impressive results under 14 years children. “Unlimited educational environment makes good basis for revealing intellectual opportunities. Receiving education at home very often is effective.” – They say.

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