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Why a Home Inspection is Worth It

12 APR 2013

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase most of us will ever make. With all the assorted costs involved in the process it might be tempting to skip having a home inspection but there are many reasons why an inspection is important and can save you much more money in the long-run. In hot housing markets some agents advise buyers to make “clean” offers without conditions to make bids more attractive for sellers but this is a potential recipe for disaster. Sure, it could be frustrating to find out after spending for inspection that a house isn’t up to code but it’s better than uncovering costly problems after the fact.


The Home Inspector’s Role

A home inspector will walk through a property with you to help you identify what needs fixing immediately and the nature and cost of maintenance issues down the road. They can point out major items that may have been completed without a permit or aren’t up to code that will become your responsibility after purchase. Sometimes there are glaring deal-breakers with leaks or structural problems that are not apparent to the untrained eye. Then there are a lot of little things that can add up, such as cracks or gaps near the windows, for which a home inspector can provide helpful tips to fix. Making your new home more energy efficient could pay for the home inspection cost in just a few months. They have home inspection training to evaluate the condition of plumbing, heating and cooling systems and can help diagnose the state of the overall structure. These decisions can have ramifications in the eventual cost of insurance coverage and help you plan ahead to prevent larger costs in the future.


Health Issues

It isn’t simply for monetary reasons that home inspection is popular – the health of you and your family is a top priority. Old plumbing can affect the water safety and if the water is hard it may need an ongoing expense of chemical treatment. It is recommended to bring a carbon monoxide detector if there is a basement furnace, particularly an older one. Duct and ventilation systems may need cleaning. See if you can spot a seam in the ceiling – a sign that a load bearing wall may have been removed and a huge potential health hazard. Mold can be a serious problem lurking in hidden spaces that won’t stop until the source of moisture is fixed. Better to address this issue before needing to visit someone with healthcare training. Be sure to look behind pictures, curtains and other items that can obstruct inspection and consider scheduling the inspector during the night as well as day. Nighttime lighting can reveal uneven surfaces and other structural and lighting concerns that aren’t apparent in daytime. As you can see, the temporary inconvenience of scheduling a home inspection can bring significant peace of mind to ensure your potential dream home isn’t a nightmare in disguise.


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