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History of the Nursing Unit Clerk

17 MAR 2014

While it’s true that doctors and nurses are both exceptionally hard working and essential parts of any healthcare facility and healthcare in general, there’s an often overlooked job that keeps the entirety of a hospital running smoothly and efficiently. Nursing unit clerks are the unsung heroes of the healthcare sector, ensuring that almost all of the bureaucratic and clerical work is done with stunning precision, quickly and efficiently. From ensuring that the communication between physicians and patients is clear to recording prescriptions and making sure that patients’ charts are up to date, without nursing unit clerks the hospital would descend into chaos. In fact, that’s how it used to be before the position was invented. Check out this great blog post by Thompson Career College about how the position was developed and how you can start your way on a rewarding career as a nursing unit clerk.

In the present day, there is wealth of schools and colleges that offer programs that will give you the skills you need to become a nursing unit clerk, as well as other supplementary courses like pharmacy technician training, to improve your medical knowledge. Common courses and areas of study in a nursing unit clerk program include:

–       Human anatomy

–       Medical terms

–       Pharmacology

–       Communication skills

–       Interpersonal skills

–       Chart reading

–       Creating and maintaining electronic records

–       Medical ethics

–       Transcription

–       And more!

Nursing unit clerks are the unsung heroes of the hospital and clinic, keeping everything running smoothly like a well-oiled machine.”