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High-Tech Hosts: The Latest Event-Planning Apps

11 DEC 2013

The latest CTC blog post about event-planning apps looks at the newest event-planning apps, comparing their functions, price-points, and accessibility. Trends point to the growing popularity of digital event guides, which are replacing paper formats and offering users a much wider range of communication strategies.  But will digital newcomers find all of the latest bells and whistles distracting? EventAccess, a recently launched app, offers attendees much more than information about the event. According to the blog,

EventAccess is built by E-proDirect, who focuses on mobile solutions for meetings and conventions. For $2500, E-pro delivers a custom made native app or Web app that contains information provided by event management, such as:

  • a welcome message or video
  • information about the venue
  • registration links, schedules, and surveys
  • up to 12 social media links
  • the app provides information on local attractions within a 5 mile radius of the event
  • offers revenue generating sales space for banner ads and promotional videos
  • E-proDirect provides marketing support, including templates for press releases and tweets, and a mobile-friendly landing page to share via email or social media

Multiple links to social media, banner and video promotions, and additional information about local hotspots may frustrate attendees who want to zero-in on conference specific data. Apps with frills may only serve to alienate less tech-happy users who appreciate a traditional approach to mapping out their conference activities.