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Heart or Head? Career Training for Everyone

17 JUN 2013
Career Path : Accounting

The healthcare industry offers many opportunities in a variety of settings and job descriptions. Alternately, you may choose to build a promising career in the field of accounting. Every business needs an accurate and efficient accountant to take care of their valuable financial information.

A Career for the Heart

Healthcare is among the largest and fastest growing industries in North America. It provides 13.5 million jobs and 8 out of the 10 fastest growing occupations in the U.S. With the aging population comprised of people living longer demanding more high quality preventative and long-term service, there is an acute shortage of healthcare professionals to fill the gap.  After attaining the proper training, you can start quickly as an aide and work towards other positions as you gain knowledge and experience. Many courses in various specialties mean endless possibilities for hospital, clinic, nursing home or private physician work. Job opportunities can be found at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and increasingly at patients’ home residences. With recent technological advances improving efficiency and costs, today’s home care nurses can administer complex treatments previously only available in clinics or hospitals. Many have successfully transferred into healthcare careers from other professions, finding flexibility and good incomes while earning satisfaction from providing patients with patience and kindness.

A Career for the Head

Another quickly growing and increasingly important career is that of the accountant, particularly in tax and health care areas. The growing complexity of corporate transactions and regulations, and a trend towards cross-functionality in office administration factor into projections of a 16% increase in openings by 2016. There are accounting courses that will teach you all you need to know about keeping records for any company, perhaps specializing in payroll, accounts payable or receivable. A recent trend towards specialization has created increased demand for auditing and tax issues. Most companies demand accountants proficient in industry-specific software such as Simply Accounting or Quickbooks. The accountant is a role growing in importance in the 21st century globalized world as more and more company leaders wish to integrate their inherent financial expertise into the overall strategic direction. The extent that you prosper is only limited to your aspirations.  A significant percentage of top CEOs have risen in the ranks anchored with an accounting foundation while on the flip side, many accountants value the flexibility of working from home, on a temporary basis or only in certain months, as tax season approaches. You will be in great demand once you’ve gotten your education and a foot in the door.

Educating yourself with healthcare courses or in the accounting field will provide you with a career that will allow you to live anywhere and work anywhere. It is possible to work hard to reach management levels or else enjoy more free time by working flexibly with either of these careers.

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