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Canada Infoway: The Rise of the Digital Health Care Network

17 FEB 2014
Career Path : Healthcare

A recent Thompson Career College blog post, Canada Infoway: The Rise of the Digital Health Care Network, examines how the digitization of patient records is empowering individuals to manage and understand their own health care needs. Canada Infoway is a non-profit organization that supports conversion to electronic record-keeping systems across the country. Recently, they contributed $2.8 million to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in their endeavour to go completely paperless.  Over the next couple of years, the hospital will have faster and more efficient communication between its numerous departments and personnel.  They are also planning to initiate My Chart, a tool that allows patients to interact with their own medical records online.  The blog post reveals that

According to the Canadian Pharmacist Association, 89% of citizens want access to digital tools and services with which to monitor and review their own health, and they believe that doctors, nurses and pharmacists should utilize those tools in order to improve communication across services.  Patients with online access to their own records are empowered managers of their own health – they are better equipped to ask their doctor pertinent questions, and to discuss new medications with their pharmacist.

Patient education and involvement has long been regarded as an essential component of successful health care. In order to feel truly empowered, patients need to understand a doctor’s diagnosis, why they have been prescribed a particular drug, and how to safely self-regulate the consumption of medicines. Infoway has launched several online access portals that allow patients to use new digital tools – tools that connect them to health care providers and a range of invaluable support systems.