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Which Healthcare Career Should I Choose?

25 MAR 2014

Healthcare career categories include patient care, laboratory technology and diagnostics, administration and office support, medical research, support and patient or public education. There are many different healthcare careers, with new ones added every few years as the medical field advances. So how do you choose? College in Your Community has published a great blog on this subject, giving you on a better idea of which healthcare career you should choose. One useful tip is to avoid choosing until you’re fully informed. Keep your options open! Also, always make sure to choose a backup career or two.  This is not evidence of indecisiveness or low motivation. Instead, it shows that you are mature and realistic. Lastly, keep in mind that modern healthcare is a “team sport.” To use a football analogy: No coach will ever get the most out of a star player unless that player can work within the team.

“In general, we can separate health careers in seven basic categories. Don’t think of these careers as hierarchies. Different professions simply require different skills, so it’s likely that not all of these professions would be a good fit for you. Instead, try to concentrate on the careers in the category that you feel fits your strengths, interests and goals the best. The Diagnosis or Treatment career path allows you to offer direct patient care. To do so, you will have to become a well-educated professional with a genuine concern for people, strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.”